Parliamentary Representation for UK Citizens living Abroad

The recent attempts in the House of Lords to get the 15-year limit on electoral registration lifted were thwarted in the debate in Committee. The Amendments to the Electoral Registration Bill proposed by Lord Lexden were eventually withdrawn after some extraordinary speeches by some Lords. Lord Lexden withdrew his amendment after being offered an inquiry into political representation of expat citizens.

Lord Lexden will chair an Inquiry into the whole question of Representation including establishing Members of Parliament to be elected by expat UK citizens in a similar manner to the French system. This promises to be a good solution to our political isolation from UK parliament. This is important because so much of our lives as expats is decided and controlled by the UK parliament. For UK pensioners, public service pensioners and others who pay tax in the UK; for UK passport holders; for UK citizens whose health care and social welfare is the responsibility of the UK government, this will give some leverage when problems arise and policies are being discussed. It may also give us an opportunity to participate in crucial debates and referendums on our future within the EU.


The campaign for MPs to represent us has started.


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Retired Air Traffic Controller living in France. Secretary of NW France Branch of Labour International and member of Labour International Coordinating Committee. Campaigning to increase expat voter registration and scrapping the 15 year rule that excludes us from Parialementary representation and voting in UK elections.

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