Another Government Brexit White Paper

Following the chequers Statement the government has produced a Brexit GOODS ONLY [WHITE PAPER] although it was not made available to all Labour MPs before the house sat yesterday on 12 July 2018.

Some Tory Brexiters want to force Theresa May to publish a rival draft white paper by David Davis. A group of Tory backbenchers want to table a “humble address” in parliament, to ensure that the draft produced prior to the chequers meeting on 6 July 2018 is made public.

John Howarth MEP, got it right when he said “Locking the Tory cabinet away in an obscure part of Buckinghamshire may seem like a sensible step to solving the UK’s many problems – so long as they weren’t allowed out!”
What a shambles this Tory lot are – no that’s wrong they are evil!

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