Sheila Green Obituary

Sheila Green

1931 – 2017

Sheila was a member of the Labour Party when she moved to France in 1995 with her husband Eric, also a Party member.
Charente Labour Party Group (as we called it) was started by 4 friends who were Labour Party members as a discussion group around Sheila and Eric’s kitchen table. It resulted in us deciding to contact other Labour Party members living in France asking them to join us.
In 2006 Labour International formed a French branch, Labour International in France, of which Sheila was a founder member of a group of 6, after a meeting in Paris in 2006 (we had increased our membership).
In 2009 after a meeting with Lorraine Hardy, France was divided into 4 regional branches and Sheila was again a founder member of the North West France branch.
She was an enthusiastic member missing very few meetings; she was at our last meeting just 2 weeks before her death.
She will be very much missed by all members of our branch.